Restructuring the Stark County Sheriff’s Office

STARK COUNTY, N.D. - The Stark County Sheriff is focusing on his patrol deputies.

Sheriff Corey Lee says for a long time the focus of many deputies was serving criminal and civil papers, he says he wanted to change that. With new leadership change is bound to happen.

"When I took office we restructured our department." said Corey Lee, Stark County Sheriff.

And deputies have taken notice.

"Things are different when there's a different boss in charge. They have different areas they want to focus on, bring different atmosphere's with them to the workplace." said Lt. Jesse Hoff, patrol division.

For Sheriff Lee streamlining tasks was important.

He started a civil and criminal paper service division within the department.

"That's freed up our patrol staff to again, be patrol, that's what they should be doing and that's what they are doing now." said Lee.

He says there's been a more than 200-percent increase in traffic stops since the switch up.

"We initiated a selective enforcement so we have a detailed thing for these patrol guys to looking for each month." said Lee.

He says warrant services are also up.

Lee says he's excited to see the department continue to grow. He says connecting with the community is important and having more deputies out on the road helps with that.