Rescuers work to free young moose trapped on frozen Missouri River

 Photo Courtesy: Judd Burman
Photo Courtesy: Judd Burman (KFYR)
Published: Jan. 13, 2020 at 4:06 PM CST
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A young moose has been stuck on the Missouri River for a couple of days. After spotting him while flying by in a helicopter, Judd Burman of Fairview decided to organize a rescue mission.

On Sunday, after posting on Facebook to find others to help, Burman and 10 friends went to the river south of Fort Buford, with a land-owner and Game and Fish Department approval, to get the weak male moose to safety.

Judd Burman Saved Moose off the River: “He had no fight in him, so we went down there and tried a couple of rope-tricks, but we didn’t want to rope it around his neck. We ended up basically grabbing him by the back legs and dragging him like a yearling calf up on the bank.”

The moose was unable to walk, so they tried hoisting him up. That didn’t work, so they covered him with hay to keep him warm.

The moose was still laying on shore Monday morning, and Burman will check again before the day is over. Game and Fish will decide the next steps to take if the moose is injured or unable to recover.

Photos Courtesy: Judd Burman

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