Rescue crews respond to car submerged in Souris River in Minot

Rescue crews in Minot went into action July 17 after a car went into the Souris River near the 4th Avenue bridge on the city's northwest side.

First responders say they received a call shortly after 5 p.m. of a car submerged in the river.

Minot Police, Minot Fire, and paramedics responded and immediately shut the bridge down.

They say the driver, a woman who was the only occupant in the car, was headed westbound but missed the bridge and went into the water.

A Minot Police Sergeant who arrived first on scene with a paramedic went into the water and attempted to free the woman until a dive team arrived on scene.

Once they pulled the woman from the car they rushed her to the hospital.

A tow truck then pulled the car from the river.

“I kept trying to get into the vehicle, and I wasn't able to swim down far enough to get into the vehicle, and then the fire department arrived, and they geared up with their dive team and went in,” said Sgt. Dan Maroney with the Minot Police Department, who went into the water to attempt to rescue the woman.

“The divers went in, and that's when they made the recovery, and then they passed the person along to community ambulance who took them to the hospital,” Maroney said.

There's no word yet on the woman's condition, or the cause of the accident.

We'll have more information as it becomes available.