Rep. Cramer still deciding whether to run for Senate seat against Sen. Heitkamp

Published: Jan. 2, 2018 at 7:36 PM CST
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Will he or won’t he run for Senate? That’s the big question for Rep Kevin Cramer, R, N.D.

President Trump is urging Cramer to go after Democratic Sen. Heidi Heitkamp’s seat.

Our Washington Bureau's Kyle Midura spoke with Cramer immediately following his meeting with the president at the White House Tuesday.

Cramer said after wrapping up his meeting with the president: "I don’t have a decision today, but I had a good meeting with the president. It was certainly a persuasive case that the president had made, and I appreciate the time and thoughts for this and appreciate his knowledge of North Dakota.

"That personal appeal, was it toward you or directed toward your family?" asked Midura.

"Yes. It was probably aimed more at my family than it was at me. I mean the President and I have talked about it for over a year. But, he was making the patriotic case to Kris and to our son Abel," said Cramer.

"It has sounded in recent weeks like you are leaning toward running. Is that the case? And did this get you closer?" asked Midura.

"I think it is fair to say and that my mind set and my decision making is trending more that way and certainly today’s meeting would certainly steer more towards a positive answer, but I’m not to the point where I’m settled in my own heart and mind and that’s going to require Kris and me sitting down and both feeling it together and like I say she has veto power over a yes, but we both have to come to a yes for me to say yes," said Cramer.

"Obviously your decision will dictate to others in the party whether they run for your seat or for this seat in the Senate. When we will have a decision?" asked Midura.

"Yeah, that’s a great point, and this is why I want to be fair to that process because there are other people that are looking at the Senate race or an open House seat should I run for Senate. I would expect sometime by the end of either January or early February, I will make a decision,, whether it is a yes or a no and give people plenty of time to prepare for convention and primary and all of those things," said Cramer.