Renaissance Feast celebrating 45 years in Minot

MINOT, N.D. - It's a Minot holiday tradition—and soon a Minot choir will celebrate a major milestone.

The Minot Chamber Chorale is preparing for its annual Renaissance Feast.

We spoke with members of the choir who have been a part of the fun for decades, on what this year's show means to them.

Music fills the basement of First Lutheran Church in Minot.

Members of the Minot Chamber Chorale are fine-tuning their voices for this year's Renaissance Feast.

But this year's music festival holds more meaning than others. It's the 45th anniversary.

Cheryl Nilsen's been a part of the fun for the past three decades.

“I've been involved for about 30 years, so not quite the whole time. But it's a great group to be involved with. It's a great way to also start off the holiday season,” said Nilsen.

The choir dresses in Renaissance-themed costumes, and they entertain guests with a special dinner show. complete with Christmas music, festive skits and more.

“The pageantry is really phenomenal. We have jesters, we have a recorder consort, we have a brass ensemble, the Lord and the Lady of course look wonderful and they greet everyone,” said Nilsen.

Chuck Weiser's been involved almost from the start.

“43 years of the 45,” he said.

Weiser says over that time he's worked his way up to a leadership role in the show.

“At first I was just a singer, and didn't take part in any of the management of the affair, but later on we took over building the set, and I'm pretty much in charge of making sure it gets put up,” said Weiser.

The Chamber Chorale brings together veteran members like Nilsen and Weiser with the younger generation to put on the show.

This year's shows are Nov. 30 and Dec. 1-2 at the Holiday Inn Riverside.

For information on ticket prices you can visit the Minot Chamber Chorale website: