Remembering to share the road with bicyclists

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BISMARCK, N.D. - Getting outside and hopping on a bike is appealing, especially when its nice out. Bike lanes are located on Rosser Avenue, Divide Avenue, and 19th Street in Bismarck. The lanes are there for bikes to use, rather than riding on sidewalks.

Although it is legal for a bicyclist to ride on the road, they are encouraged to use the bike lanes if accessible

Bike lanes are there for bicyclists safety, but it's just as important for motorists to remember to share the road.

"It's maybe almost more important for people that don't ride bike to know that they're there. Because those of us that ride bike are aware, it’s all the people that don't that may not know," said Jared Fuchs, service technician.

Overall, the Planning Development Department in Bismarck is seeing bike lanes being used more regularly for commuting.

"I think we're doing a really good job of providing transportation options and giving an option for people to improve their health as a means of integrating into their daily activities," said Will Hutchings, planner.

Hutchings and the rest of the Planning Department is in the process of conducting a new bicycle and pedestrian study, which could offer more bike lanes in the area.

"That will investigate currently how our routes are doing, in addition, where can we make some more improvements over the next five years in terms of on the ground infrastructure and also biking encouragement and enforcement and education," said Hutchings.

Many bicyclists are hopeful more lanes will be added to the area so they can get around easier.