Reindeer visits Scandinavian Heritage Park

MINOT, N.D.- The Scandinavian Heritage Park got a quick visit from a fuzzy winter friend.

Its a reindeer, but this one does not belong to Santa.

Emron the reindeer and his handler Brandon Beesley were running some errands when they decided to take a quick pit stop in the park.

Beesly says he started ranching reindeer after learning about his Russian ancestry, a subject he wasn't too familiar with because his father was adopted.

“People do raise reindeer in the lower 48 but it’s mostly for this type of thing. The American way you know, Christmas decorations and props, but we took it to a little bit different level where I want these things broke to ride and pull, and use them for the purpose that other people in other countries use them for,” said Beesley.

Including Emron, Beesley is in charge of three male and three female reindeer at his ranch just north of Burlington.