Regional Red Cross looking to deploy more volunteers

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BISMARCK, N.D. - While Texans are just starting to recover from Hurricane Harvey, another powerful storm is threatening Florida- Hurricane Irma.

With two hurricanes hitting the U.S. in less than two weeks, the Red Cross is increasing their efforts and looking for more volunteers.

You never know when disasters will strike.

And although the century old organization always has a plan in place, the manpower is never predictable.

"We have been working and preparing for these kinds of things. So we can make all the plans in the world, but if we don't have these caring hearts to come out and help us in this time, we can't provide our mission,"said Cairn Reisch, Regional Volunteer Services Officer with the Dakotas Region Red Cross.

With Texans rebuilding their lives now that Hurricane Harvey has passed... And the growing Hurricane Irma threatening Florid, Red Cross staffers say they need plenty of caring hearts.

The Dakotas Region Red Cross held a training today to inform and recruit volunteers.

"The training is actually set just for shelter and feeding. Because those are our biggest need. So those are people who are going to be that smiling face, riding around handing out warm meals as people are cleaning out their houses," said Reisch.

They are planning to deploy staffers and volunteers to Texas, Florida, and Montana in the upcoming weeks.

The organization has already served more than 32 thousand people in Texas this past week.

"It's hard to watch, and you feel like you need to help in any way that you can," said Shawn Burgad, a Red Cross board member.

Reisch says the organization is watching Hurricane Irma closely to determine how many volunteers they"ll need soon. ​

There are currently more than 40 volunteers from the Dakotas region in Texas.

Deployments with the Red Cross are 14 days.