Record year for stocking of Walleye

BISMARCK, N.D. - More than 12 million walleye fingerlings were stocked this year according to North Dakota Game and Fish.

This exceeds the previous high by more than one million.

They say stocking conditions were good with optimal temperatures for growing fish.

For the Valley City National Fish Hatchery, it produced more of the fish this year than in any other year.

"Mother nature still kind of dictates what we'll get out of the ponds and so there are some years that we come up short and some years that we have a surplus and we have a system in check to kind of deal with that by increasing or decreasing our requests across the state and what we stock into the lakes," said Scott Gangel, North Dakota Game and Fish Department.

They say this fall walleye lakes will be sampled to determine the success of the stocking.