Record rainfall causing problems for homeowners

WILLISTON Basements are flooding due to record-breaking rain in parts of western North Dakota, and basement specialist companies are trying to keep up with the increased demand.

Williston has almost doubled its all-time record for September rainfall, at 6.10”. The previous record was set in 1959 at 3.79”.

Innovative Basement Solutions says it’s seeing flooding more in new houses. The soil around the recently excavated foundation is loose, and water naturally runs to the path of least resistance.

When the pressure gets high enough, it seeps through cracks and joints. Within the past two weeks, rain water is testing the foundation of more and more people’s basements.

“I’ve seen a huge uptake in the amount of phone calls we’re receiving for us to come out and do evaluations and give estimates as far as water intrusion in basements. It’s been a busy year just because the whole year in general has been a pretty wet year throughout the state of North Dakota,” said Jason Kratcha, IBS System design specialist said

Kratcha said dealing with the problem as soon as possible could save you from having mold, caving walls, and bending ground-level floors.