Recap of Kommika Gregory trial

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MINOT, N.D. - A jury has convicted 39-year-old Kommika Gregory of manslaughter in a fatal shooting in Minot last November.

Gregory faced a murder charge in the fatal shooting of 58-year-old Ronald Thompson.

The jury had the option of convicting her on a lesser charge.

“Miss Gregory, there will be a verdict of acquittal prepared, provided here, acquitting you of the charge of murder, but you are now convicted of a crime of manslaughter,” said Hon. Gary Lee to Gregory after the verdict was read.

The state and the defense gave their closing arguments Wednesday.

The defense claimed that Gregory fired the gun to protect herself where the state argued that Gregory's actions had been premeditated and had no value of human life.

He's a look inside the closing arguments.

“The purpose of confronting Mr. Butler about this conversation that she overheard. And going there to confront Mr. Butler she took a gun. She told you she had no fear of Mr. Butler, yet she took a gun to that apartment,” said Kelly Dillon, Ward County Dep. State’s Attorney.

“You put herself in your shoes, she didn't have any choice. She wanted to live and because she wanted to live, unfortunately, Mr. Thompson died. There is nothing you can do about that. To convict her is not going to bring Mr. Thompson back. That part is over,” said Steven Mottinger, Gregory’s attorney.

Gregory did testify on Oct. 9, where she got the chance to tell the court her side of what had happened.

She claims that after hearing a pocketed phone call from her ex-boyfriend, there were claims made that she would be killed.

After purchasing a gun and later arriving at her ex boyfriends home to confront him, she was approached by Thompson asking her to leave.

After being requested to leave numerous times, Gregory says that Thompson blocked her in the hallway, noticed she had been armed and threatened to turn the gun on her.

That's when she fired.

“I had no intentions on killing anyone,” said Gregory.

“You just wanted to get away? From that situation?” asked Mottinger.

“Yes. I wanted to get out of there and protect myself. I did not want him to kill me,” she said.

Gregory will be sentenced in January.