Real ID reminder

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BISMARCK, N.D. - It's time to make an appointment to get your Real ID.

Staff at the North Dakota Department of Transportation say appointments are filling up quick.

After Oct. 1, all motorists will need a Real ID to board a commercial flight or gain access to secure Federal facilities.

Congress passed an act in 2005 to create Real IDs as a safety measure for the public.

The cards are meant to prevent identity theft and fraud.

The Real IDs ensure that those who have them provided authentic forms of identification and are who they say they are.

"It really proves who you say you are because with all these extra documents, you know it's hard to forge all this stuff. So, I think it does help and it really makes everything safer," says Drivers License Director Brad Schaffer.

To get your Real ID you'll need a birth certificate, proof of social security, two forms proving your address and a marriage certificate or court document if you've had a name change.

After the October 1st deadline, you can still board a plane without a Real ID if you have a valid passport.

To make an appointment, you should contact your local Department of Motor Vehicles.