Ranchers speak out about butcherd, missing bison

Published: Nov. 17, 2016 at 6:01 PM CST
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We have heard complaints about missing and butchered livestock throughout the Dakota Access protest, but now, one rancher is speaking out.

Ernie Fischer and his wife own hundreds of bison and say several have gone missing or turned up dead, and Fischer says he thinks the protesters are the ones behind it.

Ernie and Beverly Fischer are worried about their bison.

"We are missing a fairly large amount of Bison, we believe that 13 of them have been butchered, killed," said Ernie Fischer.

He thinks protesters are killing his animals. Ernie says a full grown bull can sell for about $5,000. He's not sure how he can recoup his losses.

"Who's going to replace this loss? For us, for the neighbor down the road? We're right next to this camp," said Fischer.

His wife Beverly is a member of the Standing Rock Sioux. She's not happy that protesters associated with the tribe are allegedly doing this to her animals.

"That pisses me off, quite frankly, it upsets me greatly because you can't put a name to say he did it or she did it. There are so many people there," said Beverly Fischer.

Joye Braun, a protest leader says Fischer's buffalo died in the spring after consuming poison. Braun claims protesters found the dead animals and contacted Fischer.

The North Dakota Stockman's Association is still investigating the case.

The Stockmen's Association is offering a reward of $14,000 for any information leading to arrests and convictions relating to dead or missing livestock in Morton County.