Questions continue about Mandan shootings

MANDAN, N.D. - We are now learning a little more information about one of the two shootings..

According to an affadavit, two or three men knocked on Eric Harrison junior's door, asking to come in out of the cold.

Harrison told police he did not recognize the men, and asked them to go away. But they kept knocking.

Harrison says he opened the door again to confront them but someone pepper sprayed him.

The complaint says Harrison then grabbed his AK-47, and shot 22-year-old Spencer StClaire in the leg.

Police later arrested StClaire for trespassing.

The victim was treated and released.

The second incident happened last Friday on First Street Northwest.

Police were looking for two persons of interest in that case. They interviewed Samuel Nicholas and say he was not involved.

Police are still looking for 26-year-old Shannon Gerber.

In that case, the victim did not face life threatening injuries.

We spoke to the Mandan police chief and the public information officer and they emphasized people shouldn't be worried.

But, this isn't stopping people from being more hyper aware of their surroundings until someone is held accountable in both cases.

Tom Jochim does cardio in Mandan every day, today his wife was worried.

"She didn't want me to go walking this morning because of that incident," said Jochim.

Two shootings in a week leaves people with questions.

"To try to pinpoint why something like the two shootings happened, like I said they're isolated incidents, they're not something that's happening out in the main stream," said Mandan Police Chief Jason Ziegler.

But the worry is still there.

"Got to keep a third eye behind you versus the two in front of you," said Jochim.

“I don't think there's anything people should be worried about," said Ziegler.

Ziegler says officers patrol to ensure a safe community and he believes they're doing a great job with both ongoing investigations.

Not a lot of information has been made available about both incidents.