Pursuit Minot to hold Easter fair

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MINOT, ND - One of Minot's newest and biggest church is holding an Easter fair tomorrow.

The Pursuit Minot started about three years ago and has since held service throughout the city.

Tomorrow the church will host nearly two thousand people at the state fair center with two Easter Sunday services and activities for children.
The service will include music, worship, and a few baptisms.

Church members say they hope community members take the real meaning of Easter away from the festivities.

"It's kind of one of our mottoes to 'bring the mess, Jesus can handle it.' No matter where you're at in life. We just want you to come. We're not gonna judge you, we're not gonna think down on you. We just want you to come we'll welcome you with open arms and a smile and we're just gonna be excited to see you. We look forward to seeing hopefully lots of people here and we're gonna have a blast," said Ben Fonte, Pursuit Minot Church Volunteer.

Service starts tomorrow at 9:30am with a second one at 11:15.