Public School Board moving forward with elementary school renovations

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BISMARCK, N.D. - More expansions and renovations across Bismarck Public Schools will continue to be discussed Monday night. The board is continuing to lay out their construction plans.

The BPS board will proceed with the bidding process for its master plan at Northridge Elementary.

Monday, they will vote for that at Grimsrud and Centennial elementary schools.

Business and Operations Manager Darin Scherr, says the board is really pushing to complete all three of the construction sites simultaneously.

The building additions can be completed during the school year.

As far as the renovations, he says the plan is to complete those during the summer or over the breaks to limit impact on the students.

By the end of the meeting tonight, the board will decide if they will move forward with those plans.

The board will discuss the financials for the project at a later date.