Protest of Dakota Access Pipeline construction continues along Missouri River

Published: Aug. 10, 2016 at 6:02 PM CDT
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Dakota Access Pipeline protesters set up camp Wednesday close to where Dakota Access crews will begin digging along the Missouri River.

Law enforcement officers were called to southern North Dakota to keep the peace between Native American protesters and developers of the pipeline.

Highway Patrol Lieutenant Tom Iverson says construction crews with armed security were in the area but were initially blocked by protesters. He says no arrests were reported.

"This could have been our fight but because you're not in the direct line of it anymore doesn't mean it's not your fight. Everyone should be fighting for water because maybe one day you will visit a community that's south of this and how's it going to be when you can't drink water normally and having to carry around a bottle of water the whole time," says Stuart American Horse, Cannonball resident, protester.

Protestors made use of the lumber, PVC pipes and other supplies left at the site by the construction crews to make their camp more visible and prominent.