Protecting mobile home pipes from freezing

Amy Rohrich is a property manager for VCZ Inc. mobile home parks. She says mobile homes are much different compared to houses. Since mobile home pipes are directly outside with little to no protection, it is important to pay attention to them, especially this time of the year.

No one likes to work in freezing weather.

"Like right now, it's down near 10 below, 20 below, and it's a good way to get pneumonia and get real sick. It's no fun, honestly," said Ryan Breackl, VCZ Inc maintenance.

Breackl says do not let the water trickle in your mobile home.

"Well, when they do bust, it's a real pain to crawl under these trailers when there's possibly 6 inches to a foot of water," he said.

Rohrich says most pipes are outside of mobile homes.

"All they have for protection is their skirting, with insulation around there," said Rohrich.

Some steps to prevent winter damage on your mobile home:

"Check your heat tape, make sure your skirting is intact, no air leaks, open your cupboard doors, is a good self help. Open the two cupboards door underneath your kitchen sinks to allow airflow, underneath your bathroom sinks. Do not turn your furnaces off," she said.

Rohrich says because mobile homes are so close to the ground, pipes are more likely to freeze.