UPDATE: Jury finds Brandan Lyon guilty of attempted murder, other charges

BISMARCK, N.D. - UPDATE 6:24 P.M.: A jury has found Branden Lyon guilty of attempted murder, illegal possession of a firearm and terrorizing.

At 5:05 p.m. on Wednesday, the jury came to a decision on the 2015 case.

Lyon made his final attempts at convincing the jury he was not guilty of attempted murder during his closing statements.

“I came in front of you and I admit my guilt, what they consider terrorizing and possession of a felon but ladies and gentlemen I never tried to shoot nobody,” said the defendant Branden Lyon. “It was more a matter of I just wanted some time to click my mind to get it wrapped around my head that I’ going back to prison.”

Despite his efforts, the prosecution and evidence presented allowed the jury to come to their guilty verdict.

Burleigh County Courthouse Judge Bruce Haskell said there will be a pre-sentence investigation. The defense will meet with a probation officer and they will do history on him and his criminal record.

“We’ll convene again and determine appropriate sentences,” said Haskell.

Lyon could get a maximum of 20 years for his attempted murder conviction and a minimum of four. He faces penalties of possible five years in prison for his other charges.

ORIGINAL STORY: The attempted murder trial of Branden Lyon continues Wednesday.

In October of 2015 Lyon was armed and barricaded himself in a Bismarck home for more than 12 hours.

Several officers took the stand and described interactions with Lyon after he was taken from the home.

“He told me he would rather have died and that it was better than going back to prison,” said Bismarck Police Sgt. Mike Bolmey, during testimony.

The investigators also recounted how they collected evidence and what they found two years ago at the scene.

Bismarck Police Department investigator Brandon Rask said there were over 100 pellets or pellet marks on the fence outside of the home.

The prosecution called 14 witnesses to the stand since the trial started Tuesday. Wednesday, the prosecution rested.

The defense said they will be bring up one witness and potentially call Lyon to the stand.

Wednesday's Trial Progression:

-16 witnesses including the accused
-Branden Lyon took the stand even though his public defender advised him not to (over an hour of testimony)
-Closing statements: Julie did her closing statement and Branden Lyon gave his own closing statement
-according to court documents: today's judge and public defender are the FIFTH in the case.
-Judges: two demand for change and two recusals
-Attorney's: withdrawals/substitutions
- 4:11 p.m., the jury knocked on the door. They had a question for the bailiff.