Proposed radioactive landfill sparks controversy in Sidney

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SIDNEY, Mont. - Sidney residents are weighing in with a lot of concerns on the proposed Yellowstone Disposal landfill facility.

"As a local resident and a bordering landowner, I just see trouble and problems that could easily arise in the future," said Devin Bell, adjacent landowner.

The idea for the landfill was pitched back in 2015 after Yellowstone Disposal submitted a Solid Waste Management system license application to the Department of Environmental Quality.

"We stayed out of it up until like November of last year when we first had our public meeting. That's when we were told the health board is going to decide after DEQ decide it is workable solution for a landfill," said Duane Mitchell, Richland County Commissioner.

Montana's DEQ proposed the site to be located just 4.5 miles southeast of Sidney.

"It's on top of a ravine that goes down and flows into the McGlynn Reservoir, which is right below the proposed site, which then flows into the Bennie Pier and into the Yellowstone River," Bell said.

The proposed facility would be Montana's second radioactive oil waste landfill, which residents say they're not against, they just think it's a bad location.

"The more you try to finance, the more questions you have. I guess that's the way with anything, but we still have unanswered questions," said Scott Staffanson, State Representative for Richland County.

Comments addressing the proposed landfill facility will be accepted until March 16.