Proposed ordinance in Mandan would double fines for some traffic violations

Published: Dec. 4, 2019 at 11:50 AM CST
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The last legislative session gave cities the option of increasing fines for some traffic violations to better protect the people of North Dakota.

A proposed ordinance in Mandan would double the fines for some traffic violations, like passing a stopped school bus or running a red light.

"The effort is to deter traffic violations. Thinking that if there are stiffer penalties and stiffer fines that people will think twice," said Chief Jason Ziegler, Mandan.

It's the first increase the city has seen in decades for some of these violations.

"I think we could pay for one police officer by stationing a unit at Collins and Main at eight o clock in the morning and get red light runners. I drive that every day and it's just amazing how many there are," said Malcolm Brown, City Attorney.

Between 2017 and 2018 the city saw an increase of more than three hundred speeding enforcements.

"It's life safety, you know, it's already been proven the faster you're going in a car the more damage you do, the more life threatening you become for citizens that might get hit or pedestrians walking. Running stop signs," said Ziegler.

Bismarck increased their fines in July, Mandan's increase has passed it's first hearing and will have more before it takes effect. ​

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