Proposed Rule: School Meals Flexibilities

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Last week, the Trump Administration proposed a new rule offering flexibility to help schools serve nutritious foods for breakfast and lunch.

The rule would allow for more customizable food programs that would cater to each school's specific needs.

Schools would have the option to apply grade group meal patterns unique to its situation and would allow adjusting to fruit servings to reduce waste and to the vegetable subgroup requirement giving it the ability to increase vegetable consumption.

“It gives them a little bit more flexibility in what they can choose and what’s offered to them, that way schools can plan their menus around what the kids like and not what they, you know, they're being told to serve,” said Linda Schloer, of Department of Public Instruction.

According to the USDA, these proposed changes are intended to help state and local program operators overcome challenges and deliver great meals more efficiently.

The rule is up for public comment on and will be for 60 days.