Process to name Williston City Administrator takes next step

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WILLISTON, N.D. - The process to name the next Williston City Administrator took the next step Thursday morning.

At a special session of the city commission, the first reading of Ordinance 1051 passed unanimously. The ordinance expands the one that was passed a few months ago, creating the administrator position. The ordinance lays out the powers and duties of the position, which the city says was a necessity.

"Once this is in place, we will have the ordinance and a mechanism of finally hiring a city administrator for the first time. As in all government, you can't go out and do it, you have to enact other ordinances that relate to other policies and procedures that are either required by city law or the State of North Dakota law," says Howard Klug, Williston Mayor.

The city is hoping to pass a second reading of the ordinance at the September 13 meeting. Officials also want to name the city administrator that night.