Preparing your home for winter

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BISMARCK, N.D. - Winter is coming, and homeowners should keep in mind a few tips on what to do before snow sticks to the ground.

Verity Homes in Bismarck recommends people living in houses and apartments to unscrew hoses from the outside of the home. They also say to make sure you clean out the gutters, cover the air conditioning and clean the window wells so snow or ice doesn't get in them.

"Other than that, it's fairly simple. You just want to make sure everything cleaned up, un plugged, shut down on the outside of the house so ice and snow can't harm it," said Nicholas Faber, Verity Homes.

Faber also recommends you to mark important items in the yard so you don't hit it when you remove snow.

He says you should start doing these things now before winter truly hits us.