Prairie Patriot offers unique date night at the range

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MANDAN, N.D. - Prairie Patriot Firearms Training is giving couples a unique date night experience.

They supply the guns and you bring the roses.

A typical date night for some is a little too boring for this couple having a night out in Mandan.

"It's a fun way for us to have a little bit of time away from the kids, but not a lot," said Erin Kuntz.

"Some people like to go to movies, some people like to just go out on drives. We have the Harley also, so we like to go for rides. And there's times we go out for rides and end up here," said Adam Kuntz.

"We like fun, quirky things, so this is really great to try new things in Bismarck," said Erin.

Prairie Patriot Firearms Training offers a Guns and Roses date night, which gets couples on the range for target practice.

"This is a whole different turn on a date night scenario," said Adam.

The Kuntz's have been married for 12 years, and before the date nights, Erin had never shot a gun.

"I was definitely a little hesitant the first time just cause it really isn't my thing, but it's really fun," said Erin.

But picking up the loaded weapon doesn't feel strange for Adam, who gets to share his passion with his wife.

"Even though I don't ever out shoot him, but day!" laughed Erin and Adam.

Adding guns to a date full of roses.

Prairie Patriot offers date nights any day of the week, and has added a new Bromance Package for guys who are looking to shoot together.