Possible renovations at Northridge Elementary

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BISMARCK, N.D. - Not all schools age well, and that is true for Northridge Elementary in Bismarck.

Some changes are needed at the school and the Principal says it is about time.

“The building is in good shape, considering that it's 60 plus years old. It could continue to operate for many many years,” said architect Jeff Ubl.

Bismarck Public Schools business and operations manager, Darin Scherr says the district collects 10 mills per year for the building fund. This equates to about $4.5 million per year.

“So the level that they want to spend will ultimately be a board decision, and they really haven't decided that yet. But they could spend more if they do a multi-year project more than the 4.5 million,” said Scherr.

Architect Jeff Ubl completed a condition assessment, calculating $4.4 million dollars worth of renovations

Principal Rooke said one of the biggest needs is handicap accessibility. She says it's time to update the building, and hopes the school board can see that too.

There's also an apartment in Northridge, where janitors used to live.

Rooke says that space was used by the school counselor until about five years ago.