Population increases in Williams County

Published: Feb. 14, 2020 at 8:10 PM CST
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Williams County’s population is projected to have doubled in the past 10 years. The increased population is primarily due to oilfield workers, who might be the most difficult population to accurately count due to split or non-permanent living situations.

Packing and distributing information is what Complete Count Committee members are doing to reach out to Williams County’s largest employers: oilfield companies. The committee is made of volunteers who can reach high numbers of people where they’re employed.

“We see a lot of folks come in who maybe don’t have a computer, or haven’t even thought about the Census, or definitely that transient group of workers that doesn’t necessarily live here all the time, but most of the time lives and works here. So we can help catch that population, and I would say that’s kind of the highest risk right now,” said Paula Hickel Census volunteer & Job Service manager.

Federal-funding for things like highways, schools, and hospitals rely heavily on the census. If a state formula projection is accurate, that means Williams County could get a big financial boost.

Williams County Communications & Research Analyst Lindsey Harriman said: “It really puts us in that 45- to 50,000 range. The exact number is 47,500 and some. So, we really can expect, hopefully if people complete the Census, to have that larger number actually documented.”

The U.S. Census Bureau says wherever you live for more than 51 percent of your time is where you should be counted.

You can fill out your information, which is kept confidential, online, by phone, or by mail as early as March 12.