'Politics as Art' on display at BDAC

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BISMARCK, N.D. - On the heels of the election, local artists put their artistic expressions of politics on display.

Artists were asked to express our social and political problems.

"We've taken our unique version of looking at things and put it down onto canvas," said Kathleen Fettig, artist.

"Politics as Art" is the name of this exhibit. It showcases everything from President Donald Trump, to oil spills or civil rights issues.

"One of the artists hit on Fracking and she showed what goes on underground. We see the surface of fracking, but we don't actually see what goes on underground, and it also symbolizes what goes on behind the scenes of the oil industries," said Fettig.

The idea for the exhibit was announced a year ago, it was planned to open around the time of elections.

"As visual artists we thought, you know, it would be a good opportunity for us to showcase our talents and basically to be visual activists on maybe beliefs, or to make some kind of statement with what's going on with the politics right now," said Paul Noot, artist.

The exhibit will be at the Bismarck Downtown Artist Cooperative until Nov. 24.