Poker tournament free roll

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MINOT, N.D. - By New Years Day one lucky person will go home with an estimated $30,000 and that is all thanks to the 2017 North Dakota Texas Hold'em Championship.

This weekend will consist of the tournament's qualifying rounds.

After winners are paid, the remaining proceeds will go into a scholarship fund for students at Minot State University.

"I think everyone just have a good time and as I've said before, it's kind of a fun event because it's almost like a reunion for everyone. A lot of these people haven't seen each other for a year. You get a lot of people that come down from Canada every year for this. So everyone has a good time, hopefully everyone has fun and good luck to everyone that's playing," said Brock Weppler, MSU Assistant Athletic Director.

The prize pool exceeds and estimated $96,000.