Plan for body cameras at the Morton County Sheriff’s Office

MORTON COUNTY, N.D. - Body cameras could be coming soon to the Morton County Sheriff's Office.

Several deputies tested out the body cameras throughout the end of fall and Sheriff Kyle Kirchmeier says it's something they want and need.

Deputies already have surveillance inside and outside of the patrol car.

"It's a little more intensive than just a camera in the car," said Tad Pritchett, Morton County deputy.

But soon more deputies could be wearing cameras as a part of their uniform.

"Another tool not only for evidentiary purposes but also for safety purposes, and also for training," said Kirchmeier.

"Body cams for police officers are good in keeping the officers integrity," said Pritchett.

The downside? The bill that comes with the storage of every camera per year.

"$600 for the camera itself, but then it's about a little over $600 a year per camera for storage," said Kirchmeier.

He says the civil and investigations unit will be the first to get body cameras. And eventually patrol will get them too.

Kirchmeier says the 2020 budget is still in the works but aims to try to put this in that budget. He says they could have body cameras as early as next year.