Pickup falls through ice, reminder on ice safety as we warm up

Photo Courtesy: Tri-State Diving

Glenwood, Minn. (Valley News Live) - As we inch closer to spring, remember that ice conditions are changing quickly.

Tri-State Diving recently had to pull a pickup out of a lake after it completely fell through.

The company says the pickup went through the ice on Gilchrist Lake near Glenwood, Minn., on Sunday, Feb. 16.

They say a father and his son were on the lake trying to find some relatives that were fishing, when they ended up getting too close to thin ice by a river and going through.

Both the father and son were able to get out of the truck safely before it completely went under.

Tri-State Diving says the truck was sitting in 16 feet of water. It was pulled out on Friday, Feb. 21.