Piano playing pony brings Christmas cheer, helps raise money for a good cause

BISMARCK, N.D. - If you haven't seen a horse play piano, now's your chance.

You can lead a horse to a piano, but you can't make him sing.

This is VanGogh. Not only does he play Christmas music on the piano, but he rings the bells and shakes the tambourine.

Alison Smith, owner of Triple H Horse rescue cares for many animals and says she likes them to have a job on the farm. VanGogh's mother came to the shelter and he was born here. Alison taught him how to make music with a few well-placed treats on a keyboard.

VanGogh's musical ability helps raise money for the animals who have vet bills but can't pay rent.

"Because they love watching him, and he loves to do it! This is something he likes to do, and when he's not having fun anymore then we stop,” said Smith.

On Dec. 19, VanGogh made an appearance at Highland Acres to play Christmas tunes for a fifth grade class.

Fifth grade teacher Shannon Chaussee says students have an annual holiday sale to gather donations so kids can buy Christmas presents for their families. She has them do research on local charities and they vote on which one their funds will go to.

"It's really great to give money to animals that are in need," said Schumacher.

The 5th grade class raised $674.28 for Triple H Horse Rescue and Smith says that will be going toward the Kitty City vet bills and to other things on the farm.