Photography project "Dance Across the USA" includes Theodore Roosevelt National Park

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THEODORE ROOSEVELT NATIONAL PARK - Jonathan Givens is on a mission to photograph dancers in national parks and sites across the country.

Theodore Roosevelt National Park is one of his stops.

Photographer Jonathan Givens says he wants to showcase the variety and beauty of the country with his project "Dance Across the USA".

"I was a boy scout growing up, and have a lot of affinity for our history and our natural resources. I think they're beautiful. They're amazing to visit," says Givens.

Givens chose 150 dancers to complement the backdrops of the nation's parks and monuments.

Thirteen-year-old Ieree Lundin from Bismarck was chosen to dance in Theodore Roosevelt National Park.

'We've been to Medora like every year since I was two, and I love it. Me and my mom we go exploring in Medora all the time," says Lundin.

Givens' project has taken him to Antelope Canyon, Arizona; Crater Lake, Oregon; and countless parks and sites.

He says the Badlands gives him the chance to be among the wildlife.

"The wildlife is more accessible here than it is in other places. We were surrounded by a herd of buffalo this morning which was fantastic, and some wild horses which was also pretty cool," says Givens.

The images will be combined in a book that Givens is planning to release in December.

The profits from the book will benefit the National Parks Service and the National Endowment for the Arts.