Philadelphia Eagles Drum line, McNasty Brass Band to attend Williston Band Day

Photo Courtesy: Travis Wycislak

WILLISTON, N.D. - A NFL team's drumline and a nationally known brass band will be attending one of Williston's biggest events, Band Day, on May 11.

In a few short months, the streets of Williston will be filled with music-loving marchers, and among them will be some very well-known groups: the McNasty Brass Band and the Philadelphia Eagles Drumline.

"You guys have provided us with our great quarterback, Carson Wentz, so we have a special place in our heart for North Dakota already, so this opportunity was pretty exciting for us,” said Andy Moffatt, Philadelphia Eagles Drumline captain.

The parade following the Eagles 2018 Super Bowl win was the last time they got to be part of an event like this.

"We were actually in the first car leading that parade down Broad Street down here in Philadelphia. As you can imagine, that was a great day, great event. So we have very fond memories of parades," Moffatt said.

Moffatt says this is a unique opportunity for them.

"Everyone that's in this drumline has been in marching band, or concert band, or jazz band, and there's this rich tradition there, you know, in Williston, in North Dakota to celebrate that because you don't see that in a lot of places," Moffatt said.

The McNasty Brass Band out of Minneapolis, Minn. will also be in Williston for Band Day, and their members have a similar attitude about coming to town.

"I think while we are there we just want to be totally at the disposal of the educators, and whoever needs us, because we are just in town to play music and spread the word," said Jake Baldwin, trumpet player for the McNasty Brass Band.

The McNasty Brass Band says they are looking forward to spreading their unique sound throughout the city, and the Philadelphia Eagles Drumline says they plan on bringing their huge game-day energy to Williston this spring.

Both groups will not only be performing, but will hold clinics throughout Band Day weekend, giving students around the city a chance to play with them.