Pheasant season weather conditions

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Round two of this winter storm is hitting us just in time for opening day of pheasant season.

Hunters across the state are preparing.

"Ever since the close last January, a group of guys and I go out and we shoot sporting clays and so we're proficient in shooting a shotgun year round," said Dwayne Walker, pheasant hunter.

Experts say the winter weather will impact travel for hunters. If you plan to get out there, you might have to walk.

"Be weary it's been a real wet year ever since spring. Section lines and fields are going to be tough to drive down. Be careful. If it looks muddy and wet, don't go down it," said R.J. Gross, Upland Game Management biologist.

While the weather might deter fair weather hunters, die-hards like Walker and his buddies will still be making an appearance this season.

"They flush in front of you and it just makes your heart pound. That's the whole fun part about hunting pheasants. It's not getting the pheasants and getting your bag limit. It's the fun part about being out with your good friends and walking the prairies in North Dakota fresh air," Walker said.

Gross says the snowy conditions could influence pheasant behavior, making it a better season for those that do venture out.

He says the birds might group up under thick brush. This is an easier situation for hunters because the pheasants aren't as spread out.

Gross says to make sure not to tear up section lines to keep good landowner-hunter relations.