Petition to recall Bismarck mayor nears the amount of signatures needed to move forward

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BISMARCK, N.D. - The first mayoral reelection in Bismarck history could be months away.

Out of the 1,898 signatures needed for the recall petition, about 1,800 have been collected.

"People very involved in the community think this is probably not the best use of people's time or resources," said Mayor Mike Seminary.

Seminary has disavowed the reasons why the committee, Better Leadership For A Better Bismarck, wants another election.

They say the Mayor has supported DAPL protesters, misallocates city finances, and shows favoritism with city infrastructure.

Seminary disagrees and says a special election can hurt taxpayers.

"It may cost the taxpayers of Bismarck $40,000. And the seat for the mayor is just a little over a year from now," said Seminary. ​

But the committee and supporters say they can't waste anymore time.

"When we the people of Bismarck voted against the expansion of the civic center, it still got passed and they did it. When we the people voted against the quiet rail, it still got passed," said Better Leadership For A Better Bismarck Chairman Ron Shaw.

Already three people have shown interest in running if it is successful, including Steve Bakken.

"We don't have a relationship with the park district, and we don't have a relationship with our local legislators. How do you expect Bismarck to flourish and prosper," said Bakken, Larson Engineering.

The deadline to collect the signatures is mid-April.