People rally for the second amendment at Americans for America

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BISMARCK, N.D. - People across the nation took part in rallies for the second amendment Saturday, and hundreds of protesters gathered at the capitol in Bismarck.

The Americans for America rally is being held at state capitals all across the country, where supporters voiced their opinions on the constitution and their rights.

A field of American Flags and others were waving at the Americans for America rally at the capital.

"Without it we're no better than Brazil where the high crime rate is, or england where theyre killing people with knives, their crime rate is higher than most of ours, and they don't have a second ammendment. That's what we love, and that's why we support this country, and that's why we love this country," said Marty Beard, Stewartsdale Resident.

A counter protest wasn't organized at the event, but not everyone in the crowd was a supporter.

"These people all deserve respect, and I respect their need to do what they're doing. I don't agree with it, but I respect what they're doing. That's the wonderful thing about this country," said Kay Link, Bismarck Resident.

speakers from across the state were invited up to share their thoughts and energize the crowd.

"I hope that everybody sees that this is a group of people that care about America," said Beard.

Rallies like this one were organized at state capitals across the country Saturday.

This rally comes on the heels of last month's March for our Lives, which addressed gun violence in schools and pushed for a solution.