Parking changes coming to Bismarck ramps

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BISMARCK, N.D. - The Bismarck Parking Authority is continuing to discuss changes to the 6th and Thayer parking ramp.

The ramp only offers monthly parking.

People who want to park there on weekends and during events say they can't because of the restrictions.

The Parking Authority approved a technology upgrade to the ramp for a $48,000 pay station to allow for hourly parking.

"The city of Bismarck uses about 120 spaces in that ramp. Well, on weekends those are mostly sitting empty. So, if there's an event at the Belle Mehus, the World War Memorial Building, or anywhere else in the downtown area-- that ramp will be open for those hourly parkers," said Chair of Bismarck Parking Authority Jim Christianson.

The pay station is considered phase one. Phase two will include more technology to help determine how many spaces are available in any given ramp.

The money for the upgrades will come from a slight increase in parking rates which will go into effect March 1.

The price changes include a $2 increase in monthly parking for ramps, $2 increase in monthly parking for rooftops, $.50 increase for hourly parking, $2 increase daily rates and $2 increase in night rates.