Parents react to Dickinson Middle School threat

Published: Feb. 12, 2019 at 6:13 PM CST
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A 14-year-old juvenile was taken into custody and charged with terrorizing after an alleged threat to Dickinson Middle School. The juvenile was released after it was determined he posed “no immediate threat” and was released to the custody of his parent.

Several parents have expressed their concerns about letting their children go back to school.

This couple found out about a possible shooting at Dickinson Middle School through Dickinson Police Departments Facebook, which led to hundreds of worried parents commenting.

"The school can send out hundred of letters warning you about the possible outbreak of measles, lunch menu changes, you know silly little things but they fail to tell you things like this, until 10 days after," said Rushford.

Rushford, a parent of a student at the school said she and her boyfriend went to speak to the principal for more information.

"Right before we took him to school to talk to the principal, he got a snapchat from his friend saying 'don't come to school, there's gonna be a shooter there,'" said Rushford.

Rushford says the principal responded by saying it was only a rumor.

"That doesn't ease our mind, we've thought about options for homeschooling, thought of options of looking into other schools. A school that will be willing to inform us of any immediate danger. Whether it's a threat, or a rumor," said Rushford.

Father of a student at the middle school, Alex Carlin says a teacher or the principal should have said something sooner.

Dickinson Police Department and Dickinson public schools both have stated it's safe for the kids to return back to school.

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