Paradiso offers food inventory to out-of-work employees

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MINOT, N.D. - The Paradiso leadership team made a tough decision, in anticipation of Gov. Doug Burgum's dine-in shutdown.

"We just felt for the betterment of our stores, the safety for our employees and our customers that we were going to shut down operations until the COVID-19 had run its course and not even offer takeout," said Minot location general manager Ray Cook.

That left an estimated $5,000-6,000 worth of inventory left on the shelves. Cook and the other location GM's wanted to help their staff that was now out of work.

"We gave literally all of our milk, sour cream, any butter products we had, any dairy left around, any kind of meat item that was perishable ... that was all gone," Cook said.

Cook says a lot of the Minot staff has worked at Paradiso for more than five years, and they've formed a bond.

"I have two children at home and I have 41 children here. That's just how we view each other. They look at me as second dad sometimes, and I look at them as my children sometimes," Cook said.

Cook says he's making an anticipated food order list if Paradiso is allowed to re-open the week of April 20.