Pair charged in Minot hotel brawl

Two men face criminal charges following an early-morning fight Saturday at a Minot hotel.

Minot Police responded to the Souris Valley Suites shortly after 4 a.m. for a report of people yelling at each other and a possible stabbing.

Officers found 25-year-old Nicholas Youngbird and 25-year-old Garrett Smith covered in blood and took both men to the hospital.

Investigators learned that the two men got into an argument in one of the hotel’s rooms, and the dispute escalated into a fight.

They say Youngbird stabbed Smith in the neck and shoulder, and Smith repeatedly head-butted Youngbird.

Police say Smith spat at an officer multiple times at the hospital.

Both men face charges of aggravated assault, and Smith faces other charges of preventing arrest and contact by bodily fluids.

All the charges are C felonies.