Painted Lady Butterflies are a promising sign for North Dakota

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If you spend any time outside, you can't miss them. Butterflies are everywhere. Aside from being nice to look at and take photos of, they're taking advantage of record temperatures, hoping to lay a foundation for future generations of butterflies.

"I have never seen this many before. We've seen a few here and there but never this many,” said Ashley Peyer, who went to the Dakota Zoo to see the butterflies.

Favorable weather in the South allowed the Painted Lady Butterfly population to boom. Dakota Zoo director Terry Lincoln says it's nice to see butterflies around the zoo again.

"It doesn't take much to make a butterfly hatch go bad as we kind of look at monarchs and what has happened to them. They had several years of just bad hatch seasons,” said Lincoln.

The unseasonably warm temperatures around the state are perfect for snapping photos, but the butterflies won't be around forever.

"They're starting to do their thing. They don't hang around here but as they come through migrating, we get an opportunity to enjoy them,” said Lincoln.

"They do love the butterflies. This will definitely want to rope them in for next time. I think this is their new favorite part,” said Peyer.

The plants will enjoy their stay too. Butterflies act as pollinators just like bees.

"It's really neat to kind of see these guys cooperating. You see butterflies, bumblebees, and honeybees. They're all very important,” said Lincoln.

But they will hang around only while the weather stays warm.