PETA brings vegan campaign to billboards in Dickinson

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DICKINSON, N.D. - PETA is beginning a new campaign across the U.S. and Canada, and North Dakota is one of the first places the billboards are being seen.

The animal rights organization wants to start conversations between kids and their families about going vegan.

In Dickinson, billboards have been put up near Roosevelt Elementary School as part of this campaign.

This is the message on the billboards motorists in Dickinson are seeing: "I am me, not meat."

These images have been placed near schools in multiple cities around the country.

"Kids are naturally compassionate to animals. Many would choose to eat something else when they find out the dead bird on their plate was once a living, intelligent animal with feelings just like our dogs and cats," said Canavan.

PETA campaigner Amber Canavan says they picked chickens for the campaign because they claim more chickens are killed than any other kind of livestock.

"If you never slaughtered or ate anything there'd be more hungry people and less food," said Joe Sutherland, hobby farmer.

Sutherland, a hobby farmer from Dawson, N.D., started raising chickens to teach his daughters about farming.

"What better way to teach them? Chicken comes, egg comes, you can play with a chicken, it's friendly, and it can be a pet. These chickens have personalities just like people do, but at the end of the day their function on this earth is to provide meat and eggs for those higher up on the food chain," said Sutherland.

PETA says they picked Dickinson because it was listed as one of the most family friendly cities in the U.S by "Time."

The PETA campaign also put up posters in Washington state and some Canadian provinces.