Operation at BSC

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BISMARCK, N.D. - A national shortage of healthcare workers goes beyond nurses.

By 2024, we'll need 14,700 surgical techs.

The field is growing twice the national average with the help of Bismarck State College's program to help alleviate that shortage.

After recently moving locations, the program is looking to raise awareness of that greater issue.

The workforce shortage is said to be caused by an aging population, especially in rural areas.

"Surgical techs are specifically trained for the operating room. I can't think of another profession outside of surgeon or anesthesiologist that is specifically trained for the O.R," said BSC Instructor Vanessa Taylor.

The program is trying to spread awareness with a classic game.

Students challenged the instructors to a game of Operation, seeing who had the better surgical skills.

The instructors also had real examples of replacement heart valves and human bones to show students.