'Operation Prairie Dog' introduced in the Magic City

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MINOT, N.D. - Public Officials, people from the Magic City and Ward County gathered to find out more about "Operation Prairie Dog," a bill that addresses the major infrastructure needs across the state.

If the bill is to pass, oil and tax dollars will be invested back into the infrastructure of North Dakota.

Bismarck State Representative Mike Nathe says that different parts of the bill pertaining to funding, schools and hub city school funding in the oil patch have since been pulled from the bill and debated individually.

"Currently we use oil and tax dollars to fund oil and cities and counties and schools in the oil patch. So the main purpose of the bill is to use those tax revenues and fund it for non oil producing counties and cities for the rest of the state," said Nathe.

Nathe says he doesn't see this bill not passing, and adds that overtime it will drive economic growth across the state of North Dakota.