Operation Hay Lift helps farmers and ranchers in need

Published: May. 3, 2018 at 4:30 PM CDT
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Last summer's drought conditions left farmers and ranchers with minimal hay to feed their animals through the winter.

That's where Operation Hay Lift comes in.

Farm Rescue workers hauled 250 loads of hay to farmers and ranchers throughout the winter season, as part of Operation Hay Lift.

"We were hauling all the way from Minnesota and Wisconsin and Eastern North Dakota, into Western North Dakota and Eastern Montana," said Shaun Sipma, Farm Rescuer.

Farmers and ranchers need the hay to feed their cow herds. Without it, the animals cannot be supported, and the farmers and ranchers have to sell off their livestock.

"They're extraordinarily grateful. And it's not just grateful for the folks with farm rescue, but the people that make it happen: the volunteers, the people that sponsor the farm rescue, because without those dollars the trucks don't roll, the hay doesn't arrive," said Sipma.

Operation Hay Lift may not have to take its course again.

If farmers and ranchers can avoid the drought, they may not need Operation Hay Lift in the future.

"Lets get more rain, then we don't need it," said Sipma.

Providing assistance to those in need to make for a good farming season.

Over the years, Farm Rescue has had up to 1,000 volunteers.