Open Your Heart campaign provides Christmas dinners for families in need

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Dec. 22-23 hundreds of Bismarck and Mandan residents opening their hearts.

Cars were already lining up at the event center early Saturday morning.
"We just have great support. We have people that have been doing this for 50 years, and they've carried on to their children and grandchildren. We see young families come out here, pushing strollers, carrying a box," said Rick Kramlich, Chairman of Open Your Heart.

The Open Your Heart campaign provides Christmas dinners for the families in need of Bismarck and beyond. More than four hundred families have been selected to receive more than a week's worth of food.

"It's awesome, it's just a good feeling to be able to help everybody out," said Kevin Thune of Bismarck.

Originally started during the Great Depression to help Burleigh County, this campaign is now going on their eighty-eighth year and is still growing.

"The commander of Loyd Spentz Post Number One at the time published in the Bismarck Tribune, he said 'We intend to solicit the help of those persons who might not care to assume a large responsibility but who can help a little. We will provide the leadership to the general public in the work to enlist the sympathy of everyone'," said Kramlich.

They have added in recent years a new part to the campaign. Taking some of the selected families clothes shopping before the holidays.

If you would like to find out more or donate some money to the cause you can go to: