Online services available to North Dakota residents

BISMARCK, N.D. — North Dakota provides many services to state residents who wish to conduct their business online instead of in person.

The state suggest residents utilize these services whenever possible in support of the state of emergency caused by the novel coronavirus COVID-19.

Here is a list of state agencies that provide online services to the public:

Department of Human Services

North Dakotans are encouraged to use the department’s self-service portal at to apply for Medicaid health care coverage and other help, including the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), child care assistance and Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF).

Some individuals can also use the portal webpage to complete required reviews, report changes in income, household size and other circumstances, and to securely upload documents.

Parents can also find resources and information and can access online Child Support services at Parents with questions about their case can also call Child Support customer service at 701-328-5440, toll-free at 800-231-4255 and 711 (TTY).

ND Vital Records

You are able to request certified copies of birth and death records online at

North Dakota Game and Fish Department

Game and Fish services you can do online:

• Online licensing is available and new fishing and hunting licenses are needed starting April 1.
• Online boat registration is available; 2020 is the first year of the new 3-year boat registration period, so now is a good time to take care of that before open water is available.
• The Game and Fish Department’s online boating safety course is available, or order a course book by mail and take the course at home at your leisure.
• Apply online for a moose, elk or bighorn sheep hunting license. The deadline is Wednesday, March 25.

North Dakota Department of Transportation

Motor Vehicle and Driver License items you can do online at
• Renew motor vehicle registration.
• Renew a driver’s license for operating a standard vehicle or motorcycle online, if over 21 and under the age of 65 and you don’t want a REAL ID.
• Change your address on your driver’s license.
• Replace a lost, stolen or damaged ND license.
• Replace a vertical driver license after you are 21 to a horizontal driver license.
• Schedule an appointment to get a REAL ID. Online renewal is not applicable when obtaining a REAL ID.
• Schedule a driving test.
• Schedule an appointment to renew a ND license, permit, or ID card.

North Dakota University System

Here you will find information about the 11 NDUS Institutions plans of action during the COVID-19 emergency.

North Dakota Insurance Department

Online Services
• Consumer complaints - for complaints involving medical records, such as health and injury claims or life insurance issues –
• Fraud reporting – if you suspect that a fraudulent insurance act is occurring, or has occurred –
• Prescription Connection - Prescription Connection is a program of the North Dakota Insurance Department that assists citizens of all ages in acquiring prescriptions that might otherwise be unattainable -
• Producer licensing services -
• Company licensing services -

State Tax Department

Online tax services

• 2019 Income Tax Forms

North Dakota Department of Agriculture

Online Services available through the Department of Agriculture.

• Request services for pipeline and wind reclamation and restoration
Grain and Livestock Licensing
• All grain licenses available through
• All feed licenses and registrations available through
o Feed retailers licenses
o Feed registrations
o Pet food registrations
o Feed manufacturer licenses
Animal Health
• Livestock medications – process and pay for livestock medications
Plant Industries
• The following may be done at
o Nursery - Apply for a nursery dealer or grower license, add dealer locations or growing areas
o Hemp - Apply for a processor license, grower license or register fields
o Apiary – Create a beekeeper account, register apiary locations, or apply for a license
o Pesticide Applications – Register pesticide applications or sign up for alerts for hive movement.
Pesticide & Fertilizer
• The following may be done at
o Pesticide registrations
o Fertilizer registrations
o Fertilizer distributor licenses
o Anhydrous ammonia licenses
• Submit a pesticide complaint at

Business, Marketing & Information
• Ag in the Classroom – online resources for teachers at
• Farmers Markets:
o View the online local foods directory map at
o A new farmers market can submit information about their market online at:
o A new local Foods producer can submit information about their farm or business at:
o A business or organization can sign up as a produce donation site at:
• Certificates of Free Sale – request at
• Mediation and Credit Counseling – request mediation and credit counseling at
• Specialty Crop Block Grants – program info and applications at
• Bioscience Innovation Grants – program info and applications at
• Grape, Fruit and Wine Grants - program info and applications at
• Pride of Dakota – may do the following at
o Register to become a member
o Register for events (members)
o Purchase supplies (members)
o Register as a Pride of Dakota retailer
• Agricultural Products Utilization Commission (APUC) Grants – program info and applications at

Besides these items, many things may be handled via phone and mail without having to stop in.

For many other online services not listed on this release, please go to