One year since Hedderichs Building fire

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WILLISTON, N.D. - One year ago, an iconic landmark went up in flames and downtown Williston was changed forever.

Dozens of firefighters responded to the fire, but the 100-year-old Hedderichs Building sustained catastrophic damage and had to be torn down. A year later, the building has been demolished and there have been many potential plans for the space.

The city acquired the building from the owner, Doc Ashton, and is looking to use the space to improve the downtown area.

"We're in the final phases of cleaning that area up and now we have a space that we can turn into a small public gathering place, or you never know, somebody might want to build on that lot too so that we have some downtown, Main Street property again and the city actually has some ownership of that property," said Mayor Howard Klug.

Klug says in the meantime, they hope to put down some asphalt and get some tables and chairs to liven up the open space.