One Way! Decreasing Workplace Injuries

A safety orientation training program specifically for the Bakken that began last summer is called ONE BASIN- One Way!

Organizers say the program has grown substantially since its start in June of last year.

Industry leaders say approximately 16,000 people have earned certificates, and 1,600 companies have been involved in the program. This has led safer work practices and fewer injuries. Statistics show from fiscal year 2015 to fiscal year 2019, on-the-job injuries have declined. Looking to the future, leaders expect more people will utilize this program.++

"We're expecting somewhere in the neighborhood of 35,000 plus contractors. I'm not sure exactly how many companies will be out there. They've already far exceeded our growth that we were expecting. But we're looking for more participation and possibly even more options within the program itself."

Contractors are required to renew your certification every year.

However, the certification they receive through ONE BASIN- One Way! follows you if you switch companies.